Starting a business is similar to taking off in a plane - You must gain altitude fast.

You need to know where to spend your precious time and resources.
Who do you need to talk to?  What to say to them?
How do you become the expert?
Are you on this Journey alone?

Grass!365 owners are the Captain of their ship, but they are in business for themselves, not by themselves.

Results of EveryBlade U:

From Finish to Start:

  • Every Blade Installed Perfectly
  • The Site Cleaned and Presentable
  • Proper amount of Brushing
  • The correct amount of Sand fill
  • Seamed and Secured
  • Over the Perfect Base with adequate Drainage
  • No Damage to the Property
  • Delivered on Time
  • with the Perfect Turf Grass Option
  • Designed for the Application
  • Presented Options within 48 Hours
  • Met Customer Quickly
  • Responded to Inquiry Immediately
  • Marketed to Community – Honest and Creative
  • Build Confidence through thorough training and study
  • Understand Synthetic Grass is Fun, Solves problems,
  • enhances environments. enhances lives.
  • Love being outside and helping people
  • Have a vision to take control of your life and earnings potential through business ownership
  • Today starts the Wheels of Commerce in motion for you to take control
  • First Step – Contact Us

Courses of EveryBlade U:

Your first week will be spent with us covering all aspects of the business from pre-opening to installation.  This is a time of overview and sets the stage for the months ahead where you will dive deep into the various aspects of business ownership.

This laundry list serves as your guide to getting your business up to altitude as quickly as possible.  Knowing exactly what to do and when it must be completed is a hallmark of any great franchise system.

Having a full understanding of how we got here is the only way we can help you fulfill your goals moving forward.

The ingredients of our products and our installations must be mastered so that you propose the correct solution for each customer and each application.

Knowing the parts and how they fit, why we put them together the way we do and how we are different from other synthetic grass businesses puts you in the position of expert for your territory.

From public relations to advertising, we show you exactly how our other territories were built.  Our University shows you where to spend your time and money and more importantly, where not to.

This business is nothing more than rock, plastic and sand on the ground.  Over simplifying the process can lead to very expensive mistakes.  Proper design helps to deliver successful installations.

After the site visit and design phase, presenting options that fulfill customers visions, needs and budgets is done through Grass!365 Solutions Reports.

We see ourselves as Consultants with Solutions, not sales people slinging turf.  Delivering designs and options in a manner that educates and informs is our method for serving our communities.

How to get from a signed contract to a successful installation.  We excel at this through our one team one project approach.  When you get started, the focus is on this project.

Every property, every project, every application and customer is different.  Ensuring Every Blade is installed perfectly is our goal.  We walk with you to ensure your territory sees you as the Installation expert.

How these projects are cared for makes the difference in enduring businesses or failures.  Through proper maintenance and successful warranties, you can build something that will last.

How your books are run, how you compensate yourself and your crews, how your business bottom line stays healthy is not left to chance.  With over 2 decades of history to support your approach to finances, Grass!365 helps you to stay on the right path as you grow.

Grass!365 - Where will you take off?

Many opportunities exist around the country for you to open your very own Grass!365 business.  Contact us today so we can help you get started on designing the perfect territory.