Grass!365 was built for this Virus…and tough times.

Know someone who needs a new start or is looking for something different? Maybe Grass!365 is the one company they should investigate.

95% of all Grass!365 operating expenses come after we have signed a contract and received a deposit from our customers. We don’t have huge rent payments, inventory expiring, hundreds of employees. Our recurring monthly cash burn rates are very low.

So in tough times, our business owners are not blowing through cash just trying to stay afloat. Most of us are super busy these days. Attached are some screen shots. One list shows leads over the past week from just one lead source. Another list shows orders that have shipped in the past 3 weeks while many businesses are closed.

We cast a very wide net throughout the communities we serve. We have many different uses for our turf and it can go on almost any type of property.

Bottom line is — Grass!365 fully expects to grow in 2020, install more synthetic grass and sell more synthetic grass than we did in 2019. We are growing through this virus.

Currently there are thousands of Grass!365 clients hunkered down in their homes and are so so happy to have our grass and amenities to keep the children and pets happy. We know hundreds of dads are improving their golf short games while working from home chipping and putting in the backyard. Memories of 2020 economic shutdown are being made all across the country on Grass!365 synthetic grass and our customers are so happy to have our products.

Many people are really hurting and many financial situations are totally wrecked. This is sad, but totally unnecessary if you own your own business that you 100% control your time and your costs. Our business ownership offers just this.

In good times, we are servicing all types of commercial and residential projects. These are large ticket items where most people spend $8,000-$15,000 in their backyards and commercial projects often reach six figures.

Our regular clients include municipalities, private schools, multi-family, numerous businesses and we offer a wide range of options for residential installations.

As far as business startups go and costs to open a franchise, our business model is at the very low end of that scale. While our monthly burn rates are super low, we install high end products where many customers are not just buying on price and are not as price sensitive as many other industries.

The flip side to all the above financial talk is, We Sell Fun. The best parts of our business is the people we get to meet, the properties we get to improve and the lives we get to change. Adding a putting green, play area or dog run to properties puts smiles on faces every time we are wrapping up and installation. Customers cannot wait to have friends and family join them in their new backyards.

Obviously our sales calls are a little different these days with social distancing but all of us are being careful while out serving our communities. A few places installations have stopped altogether for a little while but in other places our small crews are outside working. We are still measuring properties and sending out 365 Solutions Reports. Our Northeastern locations have a big backlog and those guys will not be taking any vacations until the snow starts to fall next winter while getting caught up.

If someone you know is looking for a change, likes being outside and active, is social and fun to be around, please send them our way. We would love to help someone transition through their difficult time, grow in their career and help serve another great community in our great country.

Stan Pennington
CEO and Founder