What does Grass!365 sell?  For the most part we sell FUN.

Recently a customer resurfaced after a couple of years holding budget numbers for a new artificial grass backyard.  Since our initial visit a good amount of time had passed with them living with a muddy kitchen and family room from the kids and dogs playing out back.   She felt it was time to make the investment in artificial grass.

So many factors go into a decision to spend thousands of dollars in the backyard. How long do you plan on being in the house, is this really the way we want to use the space, and how does this affect the resale value are just some of the concerns we hear everyday. 

Once there is an understanding of our products and the lifestyle they deliver, the choice normally turns to the budget.  Once the money is available and the customer says go, they never look back with regret.

After checking in with the recent backyard installation the happy customer told me a quick story.  Her father came to visit for the weekend and he had seen how over the years his daughter and her husband had transformed the old 1930’s Tudor style structure from a tired old house into their home.  The kitchen, an upstairs renovation, all the baths , driveway, fences, gate and even a new roof had all been touched over the decade of living there.  A couple of days into her Father’s visit and more than a few games of catch and soccer, he walked inside, sat down next to his daughter and said – “of all the projects and all the upgrades you have made to this house, by far the best thing you have ever done is install artificial grass in the backyard.”

The fun this grandfather had with his grandsons playing sports on a surface that before was never used because it was either mud or dirt and was now a perfect place to have some fun.  It helped  all of them create a memory they will share for the rest of their lives.  Playing out back with granddad, what could be more fun?

We hear stories all the time about how people don’t know our surfaces are artificial and how real and great our installations look.  These accolades are rewarding to hear, but the best stories are where the children, the dog and the entire family can now enjoy a space that was either never used or so over used it became a maintenance nightmare.

The affirmation of a father’s approval to his daughter about such a large landscape and financial investment in her home is not only motivating to spread the word about our products and our business but it is humbling to know our work can make such a difference in peoples daily lives.

Children, even grown children with families of their own long for the approval of parents and when that approval relates to our Artificial Grass projects, there is not much more fun you can have in business.

The children, the dogs, the dads, moms and even in this case the grandfather enjoys our installation. Grass!365 distributes and installs artificial grass but what we really sell is FUN.