When investigating a new business venture, including a synthetic grass business, there are numerous items to look into. One in particular is how the Franchisor’s history will benefit you and your new business.  Grass!365 is a design, distribution and installation platform where we service many parts of our communities.  While it is true that we have worked in Europe, the Caribbean and all across the USA, that only tells the geographic history of our business.  Hearing about our customers over the years is the real story.

We like to say we cast a very wide net from all types of commercial locations to all types of residential properties.  Offices, schools, churches and of course numerous pet, vets and boarders to name just a few on the commercial side and then Senior Housing, Multi-Family and private residences for the installation of synthetic grass on the residential side.

The wide net does not stop with the outline of properties, you also have to include all the different surfaces and product offerings we deliver.  From a college golf team’s practice facility to the courtyard of a high school to a rooftop restaurant, all types of uses for all types of customers.

Having all this experience and knowledge is great on the front end and one would probably say necessary for a synthetic grass business to make sense to place an investment.  But also there must be systems and processes created for you, the local business owner, to take advantage.  When going on sales calls and following up with potential leads, the entire history and experience of the franchisor needs to be with you.

At Grass!365 we put this knowledge and information at your fingertips and are available for any consultation necessary to ensure your potential customers are properly educated about our work and our products.  From multiple media offerings to meetings to marketing pieces, we will probably be able to discuss some sort of solution we have already encountered to help you with not only the sales side of this equation but also the logistics and installation pieces.

Providing this wealth of knowledge in a clear and consistent manner to your potential customers is how we help you reach your business goals through the ownership of a synthetic grass business.  Without these pieces in place, the likelihood of your attaining the success you desire is diminished.

The Franchisor may have created a recognizable brand, but get to know them and make it a point to understand the systems in which you can fully take advantage of their history and success.  Grass!365 does this by surrounding you with technology, physical installations and training geared toward this transfer of knowledge.