Many companies are realizing the incredible wave that is sweeping across America and the world for that matter, the synthetic turf revolution. Advances in fibers and backings and even 100% recyclable turf have taken many parts of the country by storm. IntelliTurf Franchise, Inc. based in Atlanta, Georgia does just that with its 100% recyclable lawn and golf putting green systems.

Construction, swimming pool and landscape contractors have all been exposed to artificial turf at some point. Many have expressed interest in expanding their product line and diversifying their business. We have spent numerous hours educating these entrepreneurs as to why they would want to invest in a franchise system. Most see the expense of the franchise fee and think they would never spend money that way. Others see a bunch of rules and legal documents forced onto all in franchising by the Federal Trade Commission. Synthetic turf is available from a number of sources so why do they need to sign some long term contract and join a controlled system?

What would be the value in a company that is already up and running to invest in a franchise system? What do these people know about business that I don’t know? I already run a construction business; this is just a different product.

These are questions and concerns we deal with everyday. Some times these entrepreneurs see the light and some times they don’t. What is the light?

Let’s start by defining exactly what a franchise is. Franchising is a system of doing business that is designed to be beneficial to all involved. Most systems have a franchise fee that is not a profit center. In many cases the company will investment spend in a new franchisee during the first months or year of bring on a new unit. Most franchise systems make money only when the products or services are sold to customers. The franchise fee covers advertising for the unit to be sold, in IntelliTurf’s case the training at our headquarters and the construction training in the franchisee’s protected territory, web site set up and design, marketing materials, online business suite and legal fees.

A franchise company makes its money when franchisees succeed. If franchisees are not moving products or services, no royalty is generated and no income is brought into the franchise. A business system where everyone is in this together is much stronger than many individuals on their own.

According to the Department of Commerce, almost 80% of independent businesses fail within 5 year while franchised business have a 90% success rate after 10 years.

Most people invest in a franchise for the business system. They need the products, processes, sources, brand, market knowledge, marketing assistance, future innovation, research and development and support.

So here is the bottom line, you can buy ground beef and a grill on just about any shopping center across America. Why would anyone ever invest in a burger restaurant?

An artificial turf franchise has the systems, processes, marketing, training, sources and support you need to be up and running in a matter of months. Get to market before others in your community with a national brand, top of the line products, and all the knowledge you need. Being first to your market or first with a branded business and you will not only deter competition but market to companies you compete against in your core business.

Turning competitors into customers and deterring competition by investing in a brand that is not connected to your core business is a smart experienced decision.

You already own a business, starting another one from scratch is a daunting task. With a franchise, you learn what you need to know with a franchisor that is there to help every step of the way. Most franchise systems will teach a business owner in a matter of weeks what it would take years to figure out on their own.

What is that worth to you? IntelliTurf Franchise, Inc. sees it as an extremely valuable and express way for you to add a new revenue stream to your business by offering backyard putting greens, synthetic lawn systems and recreational play areas.